10Plated Desserts

Calebaut Chocolate Layer Cake
creme angalise, raspberry puree, chocolate ganache

Fruit Tarte
vanilla bean creme anglaise, brown sugar crumble, blueberry puree

Hazelnut Torte
rum caramel sauce, chocolate ganache, vanilla custard

Creme Brullee



Sundae Bar
vanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate chip, waffle cones, & toppings

yeast raised doughnuts, flavored sugars, chocolate ganache, raspberry jam

Brownies, Blondies

Passed Dessert

Mini Cakes
sacher torte, 7- layer, oreo, fruit tart

Cannolies & Pops
Crispy or chocolate covered cannolies – pistachio cream,chocolate chip, raspberry, chocolate covered cake pops

petite fours, rumballs, bon bons, fruit tarts, mini layer cakes, French macarons

blondies & fudge brownies

Cup Cakes
chocolate, red velvet, vanilla, smores

Chocolate Covered
cookie dough, brownies, pretzels

Battered & Fried
oreos, pound cake, churros, candy bars

Fruit Fondue
fruit skewers, with warm chocolate fondue

*Hospitality Stations

assorted candy displayed in overflowing amounts!

Giant Cookie Table
black & white, chocolate cigar,chocolate chip, danish, muffin tops, coffee cake, linzer tarts, roasted peanuts, pretzels, popcorn, and bottled water

img_0007Occasion Cakes

fondant, pastillage, piping, figurinesany flavor, any filling, any color, any design, any DREAM!